We teach a combination of nationally accredited curriculums, to insure our students receive the best education through early learning. Our goal is to teach and nurture each child, as they develop both intellectually and socially, through interaction and exploration.

As a leader in early childhood education for over 30 years, Classy Kids participates in “pilot programs ” and “enrichment programs” that have lead to the start of many successful children. Our alumni includes fields such as medicine, law, education, engineering, technology, and science.


  • Our teacher to child ratios are solidified by Advocates for Better Childcare, South Carolina DSS, ABC and First Steps. They are as follows:

    Infants 1:5 – At least one teacher per 5 infants

  • Toddlers 1:6 – At least two teachers per 6 toddlers
  • Twos 1:8 – At least one teacher per 8 two year olds
  • Threes 1:12 – At least one teacher per twelve K-3’s
  • Fours 1: 17 – At least one teacher per seventeen K-4’s
  • After-School 1:24 – At least one teacher per 24 students


Safety First, are the words we live by! From personal keypad number allocation systems on our front doors, to audio visual installation both inside and outside, safety is our number one concern. Routine fire drills and other safety drills are practiced until perfect, along with additional phone lines for added security. Routine visits from our Police and Fire Departments keep us up-to-date with the latest safety tactics, as well as getting our children comfortable around our community helpers.

All Classy Kids employees are qualified by DSS and ABC standards, including national background checks. Our state-of-the-art buildings are built safe and sound for our little ones to learn and thrive in! Only the best materials are used during construction, such as antimicrobial floors, which aide in the spread of germs and make our play-spaces the best.

Teacher Qualification

Our teachers are qualified, professional, and take education seriously. Many have Early Childhood Degrees or have their ECD 101. Infant/Child CPR and First Aid are a must, along with 26 hours of continuing education every 2 years.