Hot Diggity Dog: Gathering Together

Serving others is a core principle of Classy Kids. We practice this daily, whether it be through small acts of service that are necessary to keep our facilities in tip-top shape, or large ones where it takes our whole Classy Kids village. We also strongly believe in expressing our thankfulness, as we enter Fall and inch closer and closer to Thanksgiving. It’s always a good time, we teach our students, to express thankfulness and appreciation. We decided to unite the two (acts of service, acts of appreciation) – and came up with one tasty way to accomplish both: The Hot Diggity Dog Bar.

One of our goals was to surprise our families with ready to eat dinner for their family. And talk about the surprised look on the faces of our parents when they arrived for pick-up! Now, all hump-days should end like that! Our other goal was to show our gratitude and thankfulness to our families for entrusting their precious children to our care, and what better way to show appreciation than to share laughter and food with one another. The old saying is true, the more you serve others, the more joy you receive in return. It was such a fun day, we want to do again in the future.

Each location had its own special dog (for example, at the West Georgia Road location, our “title” dog was The West Georgia Road Dog). Shredded cheese, chili, ketchup, mustard & onions? Sounds good to us! And it did to many parents and kids, too.

From our Classy Kids family to you and yours, thank you for letting us serve you day-in, day-out. We truly appreciate you and our students!